Sorry, I Don't Speak Binary


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Recorded at Flying Blanket Studios in Mesa, AZ.
Engineered by Bob Hoag. Produced by NEBA & Bob Hoag.


released April 15, 2009

David - Guitars, Vocals
Jonathan - Drums, Synth
Cory - Synth, Elec. Piano, Secondary Drums
Ryan - Bass

additional tambourine - Bob Hoag



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NEBA Chandler

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Track Name: Rest
I'm running into a wall
I feel like there's nothing i can do
There's no point in following through
I'd put my head through a wall but then....
What good is that going to do?
You let your feelings do the talking and it will get you nowhere
I guess you have a problem
I let my feelings do the talking and its got me nowhere
I guess I have a problem
I just need to rest
I just need a place to lay my head
I just need your arms to be my bed
I just need a place to call my own
I just need your arms to be my home
Track Name: Moore Drugs Less Caseys
There's a bar in Arizona with lots of people
earthly people
Me and Wayne grab a drink sit at a table
an empty table
It seems these girls don't want anything but a
drink bought by a man
It seems these girls would do anything for a.....
Here comes this girl nice and friendly, smiling, laughing my buddy's nice enough to ask
"would you like a drink?"
So he goes to the bar gets back to the table gives the girl her drink and she says "see you later"
I hate this town
Its really bringing me down
I want to see her
I really need her
I don't want to die here alone
I want to hold her
I want to kiss her
I don't want to die here alone
I try to stay positive but no one's proving me wrong
I try to brush it off but im not that numb
Track Name: Bass On 1, Snare On 3
I just need a little taste
Bring it once my way
I've never asked for anything
I've never forced anything
I will never let you go
Girl i see you standing next to worldly people
You can work around them
Meet me in the middle
I will never let you go
Whats mine is yours
Whats mine is yours
Whats mine
I write for you
For me
For you
For you
Track Name: I Don't Speak Binary
Look up
I know you will see me more clear in time
You will hear me more clear in time
Follow the world
I know you won't let go
You will see it less real in time
You will feel me more real in time

I don't speak binary
Tell me something beautiful
I don't speak carefully
Tell me something meaningful

Stand up
What do you want to say?
Don't get mad cause im watching the show
I don't live it but i like to know
Wake up
You know ill be around
You will see me more clear in time
You will hear me more clear in time

Put your eyes on me so i can feel alive
Don't turn your head from me
You know you let this die

I don't speak/think binary
Track Name: Talk To Me Girl
They come from the left
They come from the right
I go through the middle
Nothing you can say just look my way and make my day
I got this game and im not even trying
Wish i was high
Cant say its bad
Its not what i need
I need to focus and...
Find something real
I love you still
She's got the moves
and she isn't wasting anytime at all
I'm dodging movements and patterns and contact
to throw it all off.
I love you still
You better talk to me girl because i love you still
I got you on top
Track Name: Find Something Real
[there are no lyrics to this song]