My Heart Always Beats Her


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Recorded @ Clamsville Studios by John Herrera
Engineered by John Herrera
All song produced by NEBA
Label: Sound Tree Records


released August 14, 2007

David - Guitars, Vocals
Jonathan - Drums, Synth
Cory - Synth, Elec. Piano, Secondary Drums
Ryan - Bass



all rights reserved


NEBA Chandler

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Track Name: My Heart Always Beats Her
Darling this world will eat you up if you don't ignore it
Just know that love is all that is real

I'd never leave her
My heart always beats her
If she wants to leave thats just fine
She knows that I will always love her
She knows that I will be right beside her

You cant find a better one can you

I'll be taking a ride all night just to test whats inside
Just to know that im right
You'll be taking a ride
No sun in sight
Just to find out im right
So just go
Its here in my heart
Its here in my head
Believe them instead...
Track Name: Don't Be Slow
It's hard to give up all the time that we're apart
Love is only all around us
If you look at the picture you wont see us
Maybe you will stop to say hello and know that things are very different
Maybe when you stop to say hello you'll hate the difference

If my heart lets go
Bring it back around again
If my heart lets go
Don't be slow
Just stabilize it
Track Name: Fell Off Track
There's a right there's a wrong to every opinion so why sing a song
There was you with your words telling my progress to give up its turf

I fell off track
I'm not sure what you mean by that
I'm lost i guess between your heart and what i know best

I'm sorry
Crazy mood I was in
If it hit close to home please forgive me
I just wanted you to see the big picture

I'm trying
I'm holding everything in my heart
I'm silent and I love it
I see right through it all
Track Name: Under The Sun
Don't wake my hunnie while she's asleep
on her bed of roses overlooking a beach
off a mountain of grass
where she loves to laugh
We don't need a ruler
We don't need to eat
Our thought is a place we can always keep
We could fly so high
There is no time

Out of the light and into the dark
I hear the violent sounds of a million screaming hearts
There's a civil war with the people under the sun
This is not my world

Send me your bombs
Send me your ugly heart and ill erase them
I'll give you a taste of love to embrace all that is precious
A day in my world will show you the way to guide all your people
Peace there will be under the sun and under the moonlight
Track Name: Love Is Greater Than Power
Heartless endeavors
Hopeless you'll never reel in the passion
Real isn't fashion
Twist my position
Put me in submission
Here is my heart now make your incision
Your vision is missing the insight your given to enter the feeling and fight what their taking
You are the machine and thats what you'll be
Find what your seeking and leave the rest to me

I'm going to say it clear
Loves not accepted here

The loveless
The heartless
The Meaningless
The Pointless
The Feeling-less
The Numbness that they are
The rich man is poorest in the heart
The poor man is richest in the heart
Stand up like an army
An army of love
Show them what it is and what to have to rise above
We are a people a people that's equal
We do what we do
Love is our steeple

Full potential
I can see it now
Love is my sound
They cant take it
I will create it
Love is my sound
Don't die with me now

Don't let them debase you
You are created with love
Let love be your strength to confide them
There's an army of robots they got that would like to destroy all your passion
I wanted you to lend me a hand but your minds on that money
Paper that replaced your soul and a heart to unfold your creation

Love is greater than power
Save yourself with a kiss
Let the feeling shine down on your soul with never ending bliss

Mood stabilizer
Love killer
Emotion destroyer
Passion defacer
Soul Slayer
Feeling Reducer